Our Services

At Ideal Tech Solutions, we offer a comprehensive, all inclusive, wide range of services designed to help businesses, hotels, and muti-dwelling units thrive in a competitive marketplace. From IT consulting and software development to cybersecurity solutions and cloud services, to installation of gate control systems, access control systems, audio video systems, or video surveillance systems, we have the tools and knowledge to support your organization’s growth and success. We work closely with leading, property managers and business owners. Whether you are new and looking to establish a strong technical foundation or a large corporation aiming to streamline your operations, we are here to help you achieve your goals.

Commercial Services


Computers and Networking

Ideal Tech Solutions specializes in providing comprehensive computer and networking solutions to optimize business operations and connectivity. From setting up robust networks to supplying high performance computers and servers, we ensure seamless communication and data exchange within organizations.


Access Control Systems

Ideal Tech Solutions provides cutting-edge access control systems that help organizations regulate and manage access to their premises and sensitive areas. These systems utilize advanced technologies like smart phone remote management, smart cards, and keyless entry to enhance security and control entry points efficiently.


Gate Systems

Ideal Tech Solutions offers a range of gate systems that provide secure and convenient access control for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Our gate systems incorporate features such as remote access control, automated opening/closing mechanisms, and integration with access control systems for enhanced security.

    • Ask about our repair and preventive maintenance program for
      gates and gate operators! We keep your gates opening and closing. That keeps your clients happy!

Specialty Services

The highly trained team at Ideal Tech Solutions offers comprehensive preventive maintenance and repair services for the following:

    • Video surveillance security cameras – including clear field of view routine preventive maintenance programs.
    • Gate repair service and routine preventive maintenance programs.
    • Fiber optic cable repair service, and routine preventive maintenance programs.
    • Welding repair of metal fences and metal pickets.

HD Video Surveillance Systems

Ideal Tech Solutions delivers state-of-the-art HD video surveillance systems and camera systems that offer superior monitoring and security capabilities. These systems utilize high-definition cameras, advanced analytics, and remote monitoring features to provide real-time surveillance and enhance safety and security for residential and commercial properties.

    • Ask about our preventive maintenance program for video security cameras. We keep cameras clear and in focus!

Audio & Video Systems

Ideal Tech Solutions offers top-of-the-line audio and video systems designed to enhance communication, collaboration, and entertainment experiences. From professional audio solutions for conferences and events to high-definition video systems for surveillance or entertainment purposes, they provide tailored solutions to meet diverse needs.


Fiber Optic Cable Installation

Ideal Tech Solutions specializes in fiber optic installation, maintenance, and repair services to ensure high-speed and reliable connectivity for your business or organization. Our experienced technicians provide professional fiber optic network installation tailored to your specific needs, guaranteeing efficient data transmission and connectivity. With expertise in fiber optic cabling services, we offer top-notch solutions for businesses looking to upgrade their infrastructure. Our team ensures that your fiber optic systems operate at peak performance.

    • Ask about our repair services and preventive maintenance programs for fiber optic cables and infrastructure. We help keep your network running smoothly.